Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Than My Necessary Food

What will you show me today
Where will you take me
Which promise or warning?
Only for my good, of course.
Tough bargains sometimes
But eventually off comes
The hard casing, that
The heart of love might show.
You have birthed me, earthed me
Mirthed me and worthed me.
Such a God, such a Father
Such a Word of confidence and hope.
I eat it up gladly.
Following the footsteps of
My Elder Brother.
He too would read and meditate
Before the coming of
The happy crowds
The needy crowds
The curious crowds.
Before the harsh inquisition
The Via Dolorosa
The bloodied perch
Between two malefactors.
But He knew the end of your Book
And so do I.
And I feast with saints.
Gift, and gifts happily received.

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