Shulamite and the Rose of Sharon

4. Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his
chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy
love more than wine: the upright love thee. (Song of Solomon 1)

Bible commentators are somewhat awkward in approaching this book. F.B. Meyer deleted it in his Bible Commentary, stating that he did not
feel comfortable or authoritative. So much said about romance, anatomy
and rapture!

This is unfortunate. God the Son is shown as the relentless suitor of
the Shulamite Beauty (Israel) and of her little sister (the Gentiles,
together forming the Church).

The verse above says something marvelously accurate. I, the
individual, sense the Lord's wooing and drawing as a very personal,
intimate treasure. It seems like my own precious story. I can
anticipate the prizes of grace. "My Beloved is mine." I will rehearse
and celebrate forever my pathway to salvation and servanthood.

But the remainder of the verse is in the plural number. We will run
after thee. I sense kinship in a community both visual and mystical.
We delight in each other's victories. We travail in each other's pain
and challenge. We anticipate an even greater corporate gathering with
that matchless Groom. It would be good to examine Psalm 45 as well.
The transition in self-awareness has us saying "I am my Beloved's".

Without any sense of pride we hear ourselves being called the upright.
It is all the doing of our Suitor. The rock bottom attachment of agape
love holds more sustaining power than any ceremony (wine) or iconic

In a recent reading it was as if clouds had rolled back. The confusion in identities had disappeared. In most instances the
beloved refers to the male, and the love refers to the female.It is
interesting to note that when the Bride is wandering the streets
zealously looking for her departed lover, she is accosted by the
sterner watchmen. They are either secular leaders of trends in the
community or religious leaders who have lost their first love. In
either event she is not discouraged from her compelling search and
reunion. The marriage is still to be.



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