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Hell on Wheels

The City's damp, it drove me out
A poster hawked the plains
Now I am swinging sledge with joy
And helping bring the trains.
The rails would bend a giant's back
The wind would sting his eyes
But oh the freedom, fresh and strong
In seeing each sunrise
The meal is hot, the camp is loud
And steam calls us to slave
As everyman finds partnership
Among the rough and brave.
We hear of farms we must break through
And Injuns painted red
And force of land and force of hate
Leave many of us dead.
We wouldn't have it otherwise
We're carving out a life
And cash comes hard, but come it does
Some day a home and wife.
A ribbon in our minds we see
That makes it to the West
Pray God have mercy on our souls
For ills come with the test.

First Day Out

A six day route
And promising gray and drizzle
No matter
It was the great “out there”
Of rocks, lichens
Gull shit
And leaning balladeer pines.
Good paddle selected
Bound to blister
The right hand's web
Noses covered with lotion
And the old Chev
Left ticking in the heat.
Planned about seven weeks back
Ministry top maps
And a host of visuals
From our fore-runner.
Three beginner's hours out
Into the Bay
Look to one o'clock
And a cream coloured
Rock face
Bout fifteen feet high
Starts the river course
Can't go wrong then
'Til the forks
Right side has a red
Shingled cottage
Take that one
Supper will find you
Up-river at the falls.
Camp to the left
On softer ground
Nothin' worse than a rock
Gainst the spine
First night out.

But those “beginners' hours”
Insulted by a nor' easterly
Stretched from three
Into five and a half
Sun was lowering as we
Saw the rock face
Both of us wet
From paddle back splash
In contrary waves.
Inside the river
Probably bet…

Explore the Mysteries

Oh how we should love the mysteries unlocked in the Gospels! The condescending love and self-revealing of the Godhead. But only when we are ready and in the right attitude of heart.

The mystery of the Kingdom of God
The mystery of the reconciliation of Jew and Gentile
The mystery of the indwelling Christ
The mystery of godliness
The mystery of the rapture of the Church

I would like to say a little on the third one above. For so many years I was into religious exercise, seasons and the 'imitation" of Christ. Fat chance in that! But then I was told by an obedient messenger about the possibility of having the Spirit of Christ come to dwell inside me for the asking. This was perhaps the most exciting prospect arising out of the New Birth. And I for a time balked at the idea of "born again" experience. The educators were against it; the media; the trend-setters; the liberal church.

But I reached the bottom of my barrel, and through sad experience, gave up on the systems of …

'Til Morning

I will miss you
And all the ways you laughed and led
And lifted
This young dunder-head
And listened
When the problem loomed
So large and dark
Your kind advice
Most always hit the mark
And now you've passed
You taught me
Never to say "gone"
In faith
You were just moving on
A graduate, and sterling
From the school of knocks
And oh I thank you
For those walks and talks
The same Christ
Who had held your hope and hand
Holds mine
In the morning, we'll both understand.


Ten-thirty PM and Rick was tired as he rolled into the gaudy and glaring service centre. Roads here in Indiana were very well kept and the “bears” didn’t seem to make a nuisance of themselves. Cruisers in these parts usually meant help and not harassment. Couldn’t say the same for the Home State. Left her idling and stepped down for the prudent walk-about. Some funny noises from the back left had him a little concerned.
Concerned! That was an under-statement these days. A blizzard and a white-out had put him in the ditch up in Wisconsin six weeks ago. Insurance adjustment on the damage proved a real battle of second-guessing and pencil-sharpening. That didn’t mean that the payments had stopped; that the Boss or Dispatcher had shown any significant compassion or patience. And Rachel was showing the signs of stress while trying valiantly to bring in some sunshine.
He would have to phone her inside before taking some dinner. Wedding anniversary was only 3 days away. He just had to be hom…

You (a keith green classic)


Camp Meeting Preacher Said It

"Enough, friends, to be in His family;
To relish in the engagement of real, caring prayer;
To know that His Testament bequeathes us
Life, unburdened conscience and new spiritual power.
To sense foretastes of Heaven.
Enough, to see His artistry at break of day;
To hear His serenade in the turtledove;
His optimism in a youngster's laugh.
To thrill at His power in the thunderbolt,
In the stinging wind over dry fields,
In the deluge that fills the watercourses
In mere minutes.
Enough, to hear his words of rebuke
To the Enemy, the Slanderer,
And his underlings who mutter, threaten or foreclose;
To understand His assurance that no man, no devil
Shall take a child out of His hand.
This is our Father,
As represented by our Elder Brother.
This is salvation, Endorsed in whisperings of the Spirit.
And this is forever.

Now, who is ready?"

Psalms for Sons of Korah

Some of the greatest images of hope are contained in these 11 psalms (42, 44-49, 84, 85, 87, 88). The Korah designation was for doorkeepers and singers in the temple. Are we not told that in Zion the walls are salvation and the gates are praise?

And So Prayer Goes

The time flew by
I had named the lot
Claimed their blessing
In Christ's care
And the Spirit's equipment.
Some were ill
Some were wandering
Many were ably using
Every one of your supplies
To fight the good fight.
And countries were mentioned
Countries in trouble and confusion.
Then I took to rehearsing
Mercies come my way
A peaceful upbringing
Quality training
A constant wife
Good partner in all
Delightful children
Eye-opening travels
Mysteries and marvels of
Creation at hand
Your precious Book of books
And gifted eyes to
Read and see.
And often understand.
Sufferings processed
But in the palm of your hand.
The syncopation of my heart
To yours for the asking
And oh Father, I do ask.
And now the words stop
And silence expectant
Brings on that new mystery of prayer.
Together, available, loving.
And yes Father
“I love you.
And it seems
That I can't say it enough.”
Good time to stop I guess
But the ears of my little spirit
Remain open.
Bring on this day.
In Jesus' name…