And So Prayer Goes

The time flew by

I had named the lot

Claimed their blessing

In Christ's care

And the Spirit's equipment.

Some were ill

Some were wandering

Many were ably using

Every one of your supplies

To fight the good fight.

And countries were mentioned

Countries in trouble and confusion.

Then I took to rehearsing

Mercies come my way

A peaceful upbringing

Quality training

A constant wife

Good partner in all

Delightful children

Eye-opening travels

Mysteries and marvels of

Creation at hand

Your precious Book of books

And gifted eyes to

Read and see.

And often understand.

Sufferings processed

But in the palm of your hand.

The syncopation of my heart

To yours for the asking

And oh Father, I do ask.

And now the words stop

And silence expectant

Brings on that new mystery of prayer.

Together, available, loving.

And yes Father

“I love you.

And it seems

That I can't say it enough.”

Good time to stop I guess

But the ears of my little spirit

Remain open.

Bring on this day.

In Jesus' name I ask.



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