Camp Meeting Preacher Said It

"Enough, friends, to be in His family;
To relish in the engagement of real, caring prayer;
To know that His Testament bequeathes us
Life, unburdened conscience and new spiritual power.
To sense foretastes of Heaven.
Enough, to see His artistry at break of day;

To hear His serenade in the turtledove;
His optimism in a youngster's laugh.
To thrill at His power in the thunderbolt,
In the stinging wind over dry fields,
In the deluge that fills the watercourses
In mere minutes.
Enough, to hear his words of rebuke
To the Enemy, the Slanderer,
And his underlings who mutter, threaten or foreclose;
To understand His assurance that no man, no devil
Shall take a child out of His hand.
This is our Father,
As represented by our Elder Brother.
This is salvation,
Endorsed in whisperings of the Spirit.
And this is forever.

Now, who is ready?"


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