Explore the Mysteries

Oh how we should love the mysteries unlocked in the Gospels! The condescending love and self-revealing of the Godhead. But only when we are ready and in the right attitude of heart.

The mystery of the Kingdom of God
The mystery of the reconciliation of Jew and Gentile
The mystery of the indwelling Christ
The mystery of godliness
The mystery of the rapture of the Church

I would like to say a little on the third one above. For so many years I was into religious exercise, seasons and the 'imitation" of Christ. Fat chance in that! But then I was told by an obedient messenger about the possibility of having the Spirit of Christ come to dwell inside me for the asking. This was perhaps the most exciting prospect arising out of the New Birth. And I for a time balked at the idea of "born again" experience. The educators were against it; the media; the trend-setters; the liberal church.

But I reached the bottom of my barrel, and through sad experience, gave up on the systems of the world and of self-important men.

Imagine! The Christian life was to be a matter of impartation rather than imitation. The shutters were pulled back. The windows were opened. The enormous capability, cleansing and compassion of Jesus allowed inside. Take a moment and read the third chapter of Paul's letter to the Colossians. There we see the supernatural transition from old man to new; the change of raiment and of disposition.

Go for it. Explore the mystery.


  1. It's good to hear from you. It is amazing; the enemy's sway in the use of self pride to keep the willfully ignorant from choosing eternal life. My heart breaks for them... I know that pride...


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