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Out of the wreck I rise.

She came into the coffee shop. Dragging right foot and leg in a rhythmic semi-circle. Cocking a bent right arm skyward as if questioning something. Making all movements with determination.

Folks courteously held the door and gave her a place of privilege in the lineup. Her response of "Gee thanks" was uttered in that low forced tone of cerebral palsy.

Obviously the staff were familiar with her and her favourite order. They carried the tray over to the one remaining table. It was a busy Saturday. Lots of seniors and little league families enjoying their neighbourhood spot.

The young woman noticed that I was busy with my Bible. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her smiling as she arranged her cinnamon bagel and steeped tea.

Suddenly..."WWHAAT chapter are you ONN?"

I gave her full eye contact, smiled and said "Luke 17. You know Luke is my favourite Gospel, and he wasn't even one of the original disciples."

"Seventeen, that was the one with th…

Amos and Conscience

I knew it was wrong
Out there in desert winds
I sensed your honour
I knew of your love
And also of your terror.
The ewe would tend each tiny lamb
Much like you
The lion would roar and descend
The sweetness would come
Unto the sycamore.
The scorching heat
Would crackle.
And water with the delicious sound
Of its flowing
Proved the greater of riches.
Trips to market showed me
The callous cheating
The heartlessness
And the haunted eyes of the starving
And the lonely.
The perverted holy days
Of the North
Full of pomp and form
Missing anything of mercy
Or of honour
Deserving of your wrath
Then and now.
We have seen the locust
Drought and dearth.
Lord will you stay your hand?
Must you lay out that plummet
Measuring Israel for the crash?
Its crafted idols for the flames?
How little you desire sacrifice
Looking rather for sweetness of the heart
And true reverence.
Finding it so rarely.
And they call me deluded, un-schooled
An outsider
Scarce worth the notice.

His Singing

Ask me for the short list of Bible books that I would never be without. Probably no great surprise here. From the New Testament, the four Gospels and Acts, epistles to the Philippians and Hebrews, and the Revelation.

From the Old Testament, the Psalms and Isaiah and Amos. Perhaps a surprise to you that I would add the little work of Zephaniah.

I cannot get over the picture of a God delighting in the gathering in of a remnant who mourn for the solemn assembly. And He SINGS over them. God sings!

Think of all the powerful emotional influence, for good and for bad, that has been wielded by music and song. And the faithful will live in a community of delightful peace, colour, service and music, capped off by the incredible singing of their Creator and Saviour. Heaven it is.

Still In

So early again this morning
Nagging lower back
And she had the day off
So many doctors lately
Prodding, poking and scanning
And then that word
About a quarter of it had to go.
Fifty-fifty chance of a bag.”
She sat by the dinette window
Waiting for the kettle
(Would there be a ripple from anyone
Parents both gone.
Brother moved out east
To in-laws’ town. The favourite nephew Here at the College.
There would be the girls
At the Church Book Club.
Her two cousins.
Couple of fellow staff
At the dollar store.
Pretty much it.
Opened the window
For some kindly spring air
Baby in the unit below
Bawling for breakfast.
Eastern sky above the roofs
Promising pink glory
The kind she often treasured
On her walks.
On the back lawn
Two little rabbits
Perched softly in the dew.
Lord has His eye on THEM.
And a couple of robins
Leaving off their wake-up tunes
For a game of chase-and-mate.
So beautiful, regardless.
Smiling as the kettle went off
“Yes still in the Symphon…

Back to the Well

Much has been said
And hearts have been edified
Often you sent me
A season's good word
People were hungry
To raise their horizons
Looking for life power
And thus saith the Lord.
How I would thrill
As you took up the keyboard
Filling the blanks
In this newsboy's rough start.
I the chief student
Transcribing dictation
Probing the depths
As you offered your heart.
Now I am thirsty
Your Word at a distance
Busy with business
Little of worth
Come to me Father
And re-light the candle
Moisten these lips
To establish True North.
It will take time
That to some appears idle
Time for the trimming
And time for the food
Desperate am I
For the soul's re-creation
Come to me Jesus
The message renewed.

( the prayer of many a tired, pre-occupied preacher)