Back to the Well


Much has been said
And hearts have been edified
Often you sent me
A season's good word
People were hungry
To raise their horizons
Looking for life power
And thus saith the Lord.
How I would thrill
As you took up the keyboard
Filling the blanks
In this newsboy's rough start.
I the chief student
Transcribing dictation
Probing the depths
As you offered your heart.
Now I am thirsty
Your Word at a distance
Busy with business
Little of worth
Come to me Father
And re-light the candle
Moisten these lips
To establish True North.
It will take time
That to some appears idle
Time for the trimming
And time for the food
Desperate am I
For the soul's re-creation
Come to me Jesus
The message renewed.

( the prayer of many a tired, pre-occupied preacher)


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