Out of the wreck I rise.

She came into the coffee shop. Dragging right foot and leg in a rhythmic semi-circle. Cocking a bent right arm skyward as if questioning something. Making all movements with determination.

Folks courteously held the door and gave her a place of privilege in the lineup. Her response of "Gee thanks" was uttered in that low forced tone of cerebral palsy.

Obviously the staff were familiar with her and her favourite order. They carried the tray over to the one remaining table. It was a busy Saturday. Lots of seniors and little league families enjoying their neighbourhood spot.

The young woman noticed that I was busy with my Bible. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her smiling as she arranged her cinnamon bagel and steeped tea.

Suddenly..."WWHAAT chapter are you ONN?"

I gave her full eye contact, smiled and said "Luke 17. You know Luke is my favourite Gospel, and he wasn't even one of the original disciples."

"Seventeen, that was the one with the ten lepers healed. And the one who returned to give thanks wasn't even a Jew. Rather a Samaritan...Hi my name is Marilyn."

A delightful conversation followed. Luke the historian. The shepherds coming to Bethlehem. The Good Samaritan. The writer with the most parables of Jesus. The writer showing Jesus' special treatment of women. The only one to give the powerful image of the repentant thief on the cross next to Jesus. The beautiful account of the two men on the Road to Emmaus and the resurrected Christ

I noticed that with discussion of scripture and of Jesus the woman's speech difficulty cleared up. I was almost tempted to say something about it, but refrained. I thought to myself  'Yes dear woman the time will come when the presence of Jesus will resolve all of your handicaps, to reveal a beauty outside suitable to match the beauty already within.'

After about twenty minutes it was time for her to go. Over to the adjoining grocery store. In her particular fashion, and with her particular glow and grace.


Bye Marilyn.


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