Still In

So early again this morning

Nagging lower back

And she had the day off

So many doctors lately

Prodding, poking and scanning

And then that word


About a quarter of it had to go.

Fifty-fifty chance of a bag.”

She sat by the dinette window

Waiting for the kettle

(Would there be a ripple from anyone


Parents both gone.

Brother moved out east

To in-laws’ town.
The favourite nephew
Here at the College.

There would be the girls

At the Church Book Club.

Her two cousins.

Couple of fellow staff

At the dollar store.

Pretty much it.

Opened the window

For some kindly spring air

Baby in the unit below

Bawling for breakfast.

Eastern sky above the roofs

Promising pink glory

The kind she often treasured

On her walks.

On the back lawn

Two little rabbits

Perched softly in the dew.

Lord has His eye on THEM.

And a couple of robins

Leaving off their wake-up tunes

For a game of chase-and-mate.


So beautiful, regardless.

Smiling as the kettle went off

“Yes still in the Symphony, Girl.

Still in.”


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