How They Squirm with John's Gospel

The fourth Gospel is more threatening than the Synoptics. It insists that Jesus is God and that He cannot be approached through learning. This puts all of our sweat and vinegar beside the mark, and oh how we want to have a ladder to climb by self-effort. But He said it to Nicodemus: ‘Get shaken up. Wait for the Spirit to blow. Be born again.’ The learned man was almost disappointed that it was so simple. The same stumbling is observed nowadays in sanctuary turned lecture hall. It is supposed to be a place of prayer and begging, not a classroom or theatre.
Jesus comes along in John’s Gospel with many self-disclosures of “I am”.

I am the Living Water. (ch. 4 and ch. 7)
I am the Living Bread. (ch. 6)
I am from above. (ch. 8)
Before Abraham was, I am. (ch. 8)
I am the Light of the World. (ch. 9)
I am the Door of the sheep. (ch. 10)
I am the Good Shepherd. (ch. 10)
I am the Son of God. (ch. 10)
I am the Resurrection and the Life. (ch. 11)
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. (ch. 14)
I am the True Vine. (ch. 15)
I am Jesus of Nazareth. the intended captive and victim. (ch. 18)
I am a King. (ch. 18)

God the Son came into this mortal sphere to feel, to obey, to serve, to die, to reverse the curse, to be raised as Victor. In all of this He is our Captain, Example and Forerunner. His life journey of some thirty-three years was the supreme faith journey. He gives us hope for a love and a power to follow in His steps. But not as a prophet of note; rather as Deity drawn close…and we so undeserving.


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