Life at the River

If I had the chance to show you
If you'd sit still long enough
I would take you to the River
Lovely diamond in the rough
I would have you hear the cardinals
See the mallards skimming down
And the Monarch, gossamer pilot
At the outskirts of our town
There the Angus cattle lowing
And the hissing wind-swept corn
There the sparkle on the millpond
Hiding heron in the morn'
And you'd sense Creator's passion
And His new art brushed each day
As the clouds sailed slowly over
And you'd bend the knee and pray
"Thank you Father for your power
And your purpose in this art
Long it captured all my senses
But today you have my heart."

(painting by Waterloo artist Peter Etril Snyder)


  1. Love this Doug, the words and the painting. God bless.

  2. Thanks Liana for the encouragement. In the sidebar you will see a new ebook, Revived at the River...Doug


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