Message Missed It

Yesterday we attended a funeral for an in-law. Many old acquaintances showing. Funeral director ably gave a message of comfort and insight. Mention was made of Jesus, the Good Samaritan, Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer. But the comfort was somewhat false Father, totally omitting the “doing of business” for salvation. I pray for true and effectual light for all of those who came. I trust your ways and means…and timing.

Sitting in a hall of mourners
Told to fest the passing friend
Hearing tales of his known goodness
And the peace so near the end.
But the preacher did dis-service
Spoke of where we all will go
Painted Heaven like a playground
Missed the means of entry so.
And I sighed to see old neighbours
Given but a tinsel charm
Neither shown the Saviour's rescue
How He lifts from all alarm.


  1. I'm so sorry Doug. I pray the Lord opened the eyes of softened hearts in attendance. God bless. Please say hello to Anthony for me.


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