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Eight years out now
And stayin tame
Stayin low
Kilt a man over a woman
Kilt her next
Dese hands, dese crushin hands
Den came twenty-seven years
Indiana's guest
Locked in my cell
Locked in my head
Locked in my heart and hope.
Don't neva rock the Man
Don't neva speak out
But crack a black man
Sometime for respect
Or for an orderly house
Dass allright.
My little quiet place
Poor, puny and peeling
But mine.
And I collects things
From evywhere.
Also cans and bottles for refunds.
Brought a boy here
For a break and a bite
He so close to dem gangs
And death
Watts here is a smolderin fire
Hate and hypocrisy.
He been comin along.
First sight was him
Killin my chicken out back
Didn't know no different
And he come to know
I was OK with dat.
I was a man of murder
Lookin straight and quiet now
Missin a wife and kids
Missin they laughter
And purpose.
Coupla friends meet
With me at the Book Store
Talkin bout everything
Sizing up our ways and arguin.
Old Lady at the counter
Lets u…


Chew away
The cocoon of bondage
Chew away
The slick web of sin
Chew away
Voices still entangling
Chew away
All your fear of men.
I have come
Bringing overcoming
I have come
Jacob made anew
I have come
And a worm is threshing
Now a Prince
And how he can chew.

Isaiah 41: 14, 15