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The Right Mistake

What if it been da right mistake
A fool's choice of da past
A die was throwed
An roads was changed
An hurt come up so fast
A woman gone
A rage so foul
It brought you to the brink
A drunken night
An killin hands
Before you even think.
An years locked up
With simple things
Po' servant of the bell
An nights so cold
An full of fear
With screams an deeds in hell.
But you still here
Yo' time done paid
An now you free to go
The State keeps its long memory
But you've another throw.
An this time
Measurin' consequence
An humbled by the fall
You lookin fo free breath and sight
To make amends
Dass all.
An with dat little place you got
And friends done cross yo track
You havin' nights
Of healin talk
And gumbo from out back.
You checkin hate
An checkin fear
An bringing gangs ta peace
An freeing slaves
From ghetto raves
An soichin Love's release.
You breathin still
An Fate's strange hand
Has birthed another way
An where it leads
Through kindly deeds
Da blackest man c…


Ahead of us
And glorying in
The Autumnal glow
Stark clouds mixed above
Patchwork auburn and gold
They would shift
And the vee transformed
Leaders in relay
And a new wedge born
Their honks gently
Delivered in the breeze
As we drove the backroad
For thrills like these.
Sparkling corn
For the blade awaits
Pumpkins in place
At the lanes and gates
Blanketed steeds
Feel the morning warm
Bulky hooved beef
Grazing free from harm.
And the geese circle
By some magic command
Necks stretching
Wings whistling
O'er a matchless land.

And we give thanks.

Testimony Gone Off-Track

What He has done for you
Much of that coming through
Saved and settled
And other blessed stuff.
You are His special charge
And He has changed you large
But your thanksgiving
Doesn't uplift enough.
Doesn't pour oil to soothe
Doesn't the shame remove
From the next soul
Bleeding and bawling hard.
He needs to see the Christ
Rescue at any price
Polish the gem
Once mocked and marred.
You a disciple now?
Try to recall just how
They used their words
To lift the Master high.
He was their chief delight
Whether through sun or night
Not their receipts
So neat praised to the sky.