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something in him wanted to change
This one may ramble a bit. I am up late after a day surgery for removal of a cancerous growth from the back of my head. And subsequent plastic surgery. Excellent treatment with a good spirit from all. I am thankful.

Later this evening in a hodge-podge of reading I continued with Mark's Gospel, and particularly chapter 5.

A demon-tormented young man is now sitting, clothed, clear-thinking and asking Jesus if he might follow and be with Him. The Master smiles and suggests rather that he return from the beach to the village that had scorned him, and speak happily of his deliverance.

A herd of pigs had been used as the exit route for the spirits. They had all died in the waves.

News spreads and people come out to the shore to examine the phenomenon. Busy, healthy, enterprising, seemingly self-sufficient people. Their reaction is shocking! They ask Jesus to depart as soon as possible. They have suffered in pork.

Amazing isn't it? One says “may I be with you Jesus” and kneels. The others remark as they cover up a yawn, “Not today thanks. See ya another day...or not”. Talking to Jesus now. Perhaps down the road the show will change. It often does.

When the need is felt, when the hurt is recognized, when self steps aside and is replaced by earnest petition, then Jesus arrives with a smile and compassion and power. And he may be using physicians and positive nurses, I.V.drips and scalpels in the process.

...Now back to day surgery. Up early this morning while shaving, I took particular note of a little card stuck in the frame of the mirror. It read “Be still and know that I am God” (taken from the mighty Psalm 46). It helped more than a little. Registered in a special way. I relaxed to a significant extent and let the Pros at Grand River Hospital, Kitchener proceed with excellence.

Beginning of the day: Psalm 46

End of the day: Mark 5

A good envelope for some good help and a Gracious* conclusion. (precious wife and daughter alongside as allowed)

*Dr. Richard Grace


  1. Clinging to Jesus in every situation. Believing for a swift recovery. Amen.


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