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How to Mix and Mingle with the Messianic?

Messianic Jews are a fascinating bunch worthy of respect. The history is rich and full of glorious symbolic suggestion, suffering endured and ultimate revelation. But do they in part injuriously affect the simplicity that is in Christ? Do they posit a kind of elitism? Are they expecting some kind of return to the old worship orders?
"Oh but we must be tolerant, inclusive and never even slightly construed as anti-Semitic." Romans 9-11 chapters tell us the ultimate glorious partnership with Christian Jews. So does Galatians 6. Those who are into "Replacement Theology" see everything having to do with the Old Covenant as destroyed in Jerusalem in 70 AD by Roman juggernaut. They blew it. Their house is left unto them desolate, etc. And then there is Preterism that suggests that Jesus' only second coming was in 70 AD in the dusty clouds of Roman overthrow. Oh I see; the Glorious Hope is only a sad slaughter, is it? Balderdash. Entirely misses the whole counsel of G…


Different kinds of wood
Small blocks only
Fractional inches thick
Some light, some dark
Some harder than others
Glued together
Under clamp pressure
And a glued base plate
Time passes...
Cometh the lathe
And the clamping
The spinning
The varieties of chisel
Cutting rough
And cutting fine
Making noise
Or hardly heard
First the outside contours
For general appearance
But eventually face on
For the inner, working
Part of the vessel
Craftsman knows His job
Wood submits
But strangely all working
Together for good
A beautiful piece created
Every step necessary
In the delightful
Age-old process
Of shaping a saint.
Every cut with love.
And Sovereign vision.

Sparrows' Hope

The wind is whipping
Cold and drear
The shortest day
Is almost here
And with a muffled
Wrapping meet
I hit the snows
And hit the street
Some things to sort out
On my own
As this a fast year
Almost gone.
And frets and fears
Like chilling wind
Attempt my courage
To unwind.
What's that a bush?
With berries red
Most freeze dried
Where the birds are led
They chirp and hop
And sing and sort
And whisper this
Their wise report:
'We do what we
Were made to do
And trust a loving
God comes through
We fluff our stuff
And seize the warm
And have this day
Quite free from harm.' Posted by Doug Blair at 2:44

Don't Be Taught


This is an excellent radio message from the Walk In the Word broadcast of James Macdonald. It explores the names of Jehovah in the context of seizing hold of their reality through prayer. The Old Testament gives a number of names - Jehovah our Provider, Our Healer, Our Sanctification, Our Shepherd, Our Banner of Victory, Our Righteousness etc.

We come to Him with such needs and He simply IS. We do not spend bundles of time in study of the product; rather we draw close to the Producer. Forget the case studies on the virtues when instructed to draw near to the Virtuous One. In the same fashion we consider that an oyster pearl is a miraculous outcrop of the Sea, sand and suffering. It is wrong to worship the little item while standing before the majestic Ocean. Go to the source and let that Source invigorate you with Life.

Thank you James Macdonald for insisting that we focus upon the all-sufficiency of the One Who …