Don't Be Taught

This is an excellent radio message from the Walk In the Word broadcast of James Macdonald. It explores the names of Jehovah in the context of seizing hold of their reality through prayer. The Old Testament gives a number of names - Jehovah our Provider, Our Healer, Our Sanctification, Our Shepherd, Our Banner of Victory, Our Righteousness etc.

We come to Him with such needs and He simply IS. We do not spend bundles of time in study of the product; rather we draw close to the Producer. Forget the case studies on the virtues when instructed to draw near to the Virtuous One. In the same fashion we consider that an oyster pearl is a miraculous outcrop of the Sea, sand and suffering. It is wrong to worship the little item while standing before the majestic Ocean. Go to the source and let that Source invigorate you with Life.

Thank you James Macdonald for insisting that we focus upon the all-sufficiency of the One Who has redeemed us through His precious Son. Jesus also said that "coming to Him" was the key.

Last evening I caught a portion from another popular radio Bible teacher. He was holding up to the light the particular virtue of Humility (just like the Greek philosophers, and unlike the seasoned disciples of Christ). Definitions. Concordance hopping. Examples in the lives of Bible characters. Discussions of things rather than of Him. I turned him off, quite disappointed with much published Doctor So-and-So.

The more I consider the Lord and draw near to Him the more of His words, compassion and deeds will follow. This is holy assimilation. It is not "taught".

Preachers today must hear this and adjust if they wish to communicate the true goods and see lives joyfully changed.


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