How to Mix and Mingle with the Messianic?

Messianic Jews are a fascinating bunch worthy of respect. The history is rich and full of glorious symbolic suggestion, suffering endured and ultimate revelation. But do they in part injuriously affect the simplicity that is in Christ? Do they posit a kind of elitism? Are they expecting some kind of return to the old worship orders?
"Oh but we must be tolerant, inclusive and never even slightly construed as anti-Semitic."
Romans 9-11 chapters tell us the ultimate glorious partnership with Christian Jews. So does Galatians 6.
Those who are into "Replacement Theology" see everything having to do with the Old Covenant as destroyed in Jerusalem in 70 AD by Roman juggernaut. They blew it. Their house is left unto them desolate, etc.
And then there is Preterism that suggests that Jesus' only second coming was in 70 AD in the dusty clouds of Roman overthrow. Oh I see; the Glorious Hope is only a sad slaughter, is it? Balderdash. Entirely misses the whole counsel of God.
There is a book that you should read. It shows a wide diversity of worship, some even outrageously unusual, but filled with reverence for Jesus, notwithstanding (Holy Land @ 1950's - In the Steps of Jesus by H V Morton).
It can be mystifying to see the foreshadowing of the Gospel in the Passover celebrations. We went once to share a seder supper with a bunch of college kids in ministry. Had a ball. And the COMING BANQUET will be just such an event. But the glorious discoveries there will be ONLY those things said and done and overcome in John's Gospel chapters 12-21. And we will all join hands and worship our Lord, the Elders and the four glorious creatures included. (Revelation 5)


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