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Turned Pentecostal

They had come to celebrate. Late autumn rains outside the auditorium made no difference. Parking lot was full and seeming strangers exchanged welcomes as they shook off umbrellas and coats in the foyer.

Inside the musicians were at their testing exercises, as the pastor and party came up to the dais. The evangelist shone exceptionally as he reviewed the gathering, and imagined how the message would shake up sacred cows and demonstrate joy unspeakable. It was in him for the sake of the prayers and meditations offered up. He was going to be the astounded newsboy for Jesus. Brother Schambach. Man in touch in real terms with the people's hurts and hopes. No great persona. No Doctor this or that.

And how the people watched eagerly as the love affair began. "Get up on your feet folks. This is Jesus we're gonna meet tonight. Tell your neighbor to get ready for his miracle."

Organist got the nod and a rousing beat and chorus began. Hands clapping around the large room. Some…


"Oh Jesus
Oh Jesus
My Jesus"
Fit words now
And all I can say
For all that is painful
And all giving hope
I need you
To usher the way.
Oh Jesus I hurt
Oh Jesus alone
I wonder where
All of them went.
Oh Jesus I fall
And Jesus I rage
Sore wavering
Unsure and all spent.
But Jesus you know
My passage
And Jesus you
Once suffered shame
And carry me up
On your shoulders
And smile when
You think on my name.
A turn in the road
You say is coming
And challenge
And rich purpose yet.
And oh, best of all,
We are partners
This surely, I'll never forget.