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So Much Fo' tha Thrillahs

The character Jack Reacher created by Lee Child has become a phenomenon of large proportions in fiction. He is a sort of mix of the Lone Ranger and The Fugitive. Stranger without roots comes to a sinister looking town. Finds a wrong to be righted and a good looking woman trapped. He decides to stick around to right the wrong and to up-end an assortment of over-the-top villains.

Being a stranger without connections or roots, and hard to understand, Reacher often becomes suspect number one for the wrongs, and the authorities are often his major headache.

Not really a problem. Reacher is a retired military policeman of high rank. Thinks like a soldier. Rushes forward like a soldier. Profiles and pursues like an extraordinary detective. And often breaks bones.

Inevitably he will be faced with storming a fortress of evil. He takes stock of everything in planning the assault. The citadel. The lighting. The allies. The hardware. The cover. Enemy vulnerabilities. The calculated gamble.

In t…

Celebrating Saint Piddlepotts

St. Piddlepotts is the patron saint of side-eddies. He always enjoyed the challenge of getting off the mainstream of rivers in his native Ireland to rest at quiet pools giving beautiful reflection of himself and charming surroundings. These pools were an end in themselves never giving back to the River. Unfortunately in the warm season they would promote all manner of pesky, distracting bugs. For this he devised a series of purification poems addressing those ponds and the people who loved to retreat to them. He would conclude every petition with the stirring words: "so begone ye nasty buzzers this is our peace, for Chrissakes!" The Saint was born Paddy Elsewhere in Happy Moss in a family of 13 children (10 girls and 3 boys). Father was supervisor in a distillery and wrote bawdy limericks. Mother tended to kids and messes. Environment did not promote quiet thought or patient reading. Paddy ran off to the county monastery just to get some peace and fresh air and masculine re…

The Ark


This is a sermon by Robert Murray McCheyne fondly remembered...and so clear. The entering in for salvation sake.


images provided by Jody Squallace
The City was full of people and our arrangements had gone off silently and without a hitch. Lucky for us. The Pharisees were hot and looking for our Master. How they ever imagined that they could get the better Him, I do not know. Hadn’t they seen all the miracles; heard the wonderful teaching?
Passover meal and the great remembrance of the Exodus. Lounging on the floor, tableside. Accepting the unleavened bread, the lamb, the raisins, the salt, the bitter root, the Cup. It was all customarily solemn. But Jesus was smiling and looking around the table face to face. John was at His side. That seemed fitting after all. There had been times when some of us entered into jealousy. But John really seemed to click with the Master in a unique way. His face suggested that this meal somehow would be different.

Suddenly Jesus raised a portion of the bread, thanked the Lord for His bountiful mercy to all, and broke it. His jaw tightened with the act. His clear-s…