So Much Fo' tha Thrillahs

The character Jack Reacher created by Lee Child has become a phenomenon of large proportions in fiction. He is a sort of mix of the Lone Ranger and The Fugitive. Stranger without roots comes to a sinister looking town. Finds a wrong to be righted and a good looking woman trapped. He decides to stick around to right the wrong and to up-end an assortment of over-the-top villains.

Being a stranger without connections or roots, and hard to understand, Reacher often becomes suspect number one for the wrongs, and the authorities are often his major headache.

Not really a problem. Reacher is a retired military policeman of high rank. Thinks like a soldier. Rushes forward like a soldier. Profiles and pursues like an extraordinary detective. And often breaks bones.

Inevitably he will be faced with storming a fortress of evil. He takes stock of everything in planning the assault. The citadel. The lighting. The allies. The hardware. The cover. Enemy vulnerabilities. The calculated gamble.

In the latest book Make Me, he comes to a remote wheat farming centre in Oklahoma. One county road in and out. One railroad line. And a very peculiar name "Mother's Rest". With all the time in the world and a huge curiosity, he leaves the train. Soon meets up with Chang, an attractive retired FBI agent turned PI. She has lost her partner Keever who was on assignment for an unknown client. Something about a sinister science type of complaint brought to the attention of a popular science -minded columnist.

First to locate the disappeared client. He's dead. Or his chronically depressed son. He's missing. Or the sinister Deep Web site to be discovered. And all arrows pointing to Mother's Rest. Reacher and Chang discover a number of frowning opponents in the diner owner, the limo driver, the hotel manager, the hog farmer, the hardware specialist, the FedEx Agent and 2 farmer brothers busted up by Reacher early in the game.

It turns up that the town has become a Mecca for web searchers willing to pay big bucks for a Cadillac version of assisted suicide. Reacher and Chang watch some prospects come to and go from the one hotel. The destination apparently is the hog farm. NOT a Class A resort. NOT a preferable way to go at all. And there arises the cause for big bucks for the perpetrators. "Snuff" videos being produced as per demand for huge dollars to twisted viewing markets.

When I finally arrived at fast pace at the hog farm assault, complete with bullet-shielding large farm machine, I had no idea of the extent of horror about to be discovered. It sickened me. Reacher et al victorious. Criminal master-mind ultimately fed to hogs "all big as a Volkswagon".

And the boundary for society's limit of toleration of disgusting violence and pain goes 2 or 3 dark notches downward. And I was a willing player. ENOUGH.

Sounds like hard-running escapism, doesn't it? Did to me until the last stomach-turning 40 pages.

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