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Firewood Under the Watchtower

Had 2 Jehovah's Witnesses come to the door last weekend. Pleasant upbeat senior in the front and earnest magazine carrier in back. The literature gave them away. I was quick to tell them that I would not be a cooperative listener because they knew not of the divinity of Jesus (he was only the angel Michael in human form come at God's bidding to be the sin offering. This was NOT God the Son participating at great cost in the reconciliation.)
Oh but Sir the word "trinity" does not appear anywhere in scripture (a trained response). I told her to check out John 17 and see whether or not Jesus was submitting and praying unto another Divine Person and Will. Oh Sir I have read that chapter many times. Another lie (JW's are terrified of the I AM messages in that Evangel. John speaks most often of the Carpenter's divinity.) Well Ma'am I suggest you read it again. They closed their bags. I was not a good bet. My Son Jordan was sitting behind in the living room wit…


I'm watching as my sand runs out
I'm living to the full
I gather all the good times up
I strive and push and pull.
I like the pace, oh yes I do
And many call me blessed
It's like a nose and grindstone thing
I seldom get to rest.
But then last night I turned the dial
And got a preacher's rant
That Jesus was the only way
But man, I won't... I can't.
The end is just the end you see
I mean to put it off
And gather all the chips I can
Before this frame I doff.
And nothing-ness is my next step
No pain and no regret
No Golden City for the saved
No flames of wrath I bet.
And when my last breath leaves the show
That guy says I will wake
With endless wails and God elsewhere
With Truth I failed to take.