I'm watching as my sand runs out
I'm living to the full
I gather all the good times up
I strive and push and pull.
I like the pace, oh yes I do
And many call me blessed
It's like a nose and grindstone thing
I seldom get to rest.
But then last night I turned the dial
And got a preacher's rant
That Jesus was the only way
But man, I won't... I can't.
The end is just the end you see
I mean to put it off
And gather all the chips I can
Before this frame I doff.
And nothing-ness is my next step
No pain and no regret
No Golden City for the saved
No flames of wrath I bet.
And when my last breath leaves the show
That guy says I will wake
With endless wails and God elsewhere
With Truth I failed to take.


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