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Beseechings of a Child

I love the story of Jehoshaphat's prayer in 2 Chronicles 20.

Jerusalem was under attack from 3 armies. Seemingly hopeless situation.

The King stood at the temple before all the people and prayed. He acknowledged the peril. He reminded the Lord of promises to protect and prosper the offspring of faithful Abraham. He prayed in the Holy Place as King Solomon had mandated in an earlier great prayer...

And then he spoke in all simplicity "Lord we do not know what to do; nevertheless our eyes are upon you." Did this sound like a leader and a force in arms?

Shortly thereafter a prophet spoke the will of the Lord and something like this: 'You will not have to fight this battle. It is the Lord's battle. Stand still and see.'

The following morning armed men followed their King out to the expected place of combat...but worshiping and praising. The Lord had sent ambushments and had confused the enemies into self-annihilation.

Great was the spoil and great was the glory …


Heard the preacher use that word
Never before thought of it
That way
Of Him that way.
Pulling things together
Sensibly and equitably
Law and reprieve
Code and practice
Jew and Gentile
Love and truth
Body and spirit
Priest and sacrifice
Self-doubt and
The greatest of hopes
Stories turned into
Most noble performance.
The reconciler of all wannabees
With actual present.
And another word
From some good reading.
By Him all things consist
All of life's push and pull.
The goldsmith watches
The liquid promise
And the furnace
Averting disaster
And bringing forth
Exquisite treasure in due time. ...and lights go on and I pause and I weep contented.