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Jes Talkin

I's here agin
An ah have so few woids
But it's the gittin togetha
Most mattas
Ah believe.
And You has the time
Always has the time
Lookin down from
Brilliance an Glory
Settin aside those angels' songs
Jes to consider ma squallin
Or ma pleadin
Ma thankin or my
Plain ole wonda.
Dis ole man
Done had many a hard job
Often cruel or stupid orders
From tha Man.
A spell in the joint
An keen ears an
A much sharpened shiv
Jes ta raise up the odds.
Afta dark.
An a wife and two chillen
Hardly knew me afta
The twelve year stint.
But you knows me
You stick in dere fo me.
And you brought 
Some good folks
Crosst ma path
Prayin and heppin
An smilin folks.
Ah can almose smell
Yo Spirit on em.
Second chances and singin.
Friendly talkin nights
Clean woik now.
Ah sketches a little as well
Scenes of pain, hope or joy
Two of em sittin
Up now on the library wall
Folks considerin
Provin dis ole man
Sees an thinks
Feels an releases
Fatha you have ma devotion
Such as tis.
An ma good repote.

The Eighty-Fifth

Lord will you revive us
Turn away your displeasure
Although we stray
Mesmerized by everyday.
And you have done so much
We scarce deserve
Your healing touch.
It's in the fearing
The coming softly
To your majesty
And pleading for that
We have no right to
Ever see or hear.
Please Lord come near.
With miracle blend
Of Love, Faithfulness
Righteousness, Peace
Made to kiss each other.
An intersection
A stunning Cross
Distilling joy from loss.

(Psalm 85)