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Flat Down and Free

I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. At my family physician the last two PSA readings showed a modest increase in signal level. Sent to the urologist. Biopsy done and results showed malignancy.

There have been subsequently a bevy of tests and I am still waiting for a CAT scan. Stategies for resolution of the problem will follow with Dr. Blair Egerdie.

Just about a month now I have been wearing a catheter and bag...and hobbling. On indefinite layoff from my factory job. Employment Insurance Disability arrangements pending.

But the items of good news are many. Financial help. Love and support from family, friends, workmates and members of my new church. I have also tried to occupy as much as possible in a low-key way. Drives in the country with Hilary. Phone chats with my kids Lauren and  Jordan and my brother Scott. Publishing in hard copy with much delight several of my ebooks. Reading and reading (Nouwen, Tozer, Lucado, Chambers, Scripture, Longfellow, Angelou, Service, Anne …