Only Just Now

Til now talk
Has only been casual
A neighbourhood
Item or two.
You chat and you go
And scarcely you know
The tunnels
That he has come through.
But today offered
Something quite different.
No work and
The both of us home.
A sickness come up
Some dregs in the cup
And hardship that
Neither had known.
Turns out that
Each father knows Jesus
And thrives
In a faithful wife's love
And put kids
Through Home School
And feeds on God's Word
And takes time
To launch hopes above.
Took long enough
Here for the Shepherd
To urge two dear
Sheep face to face.
Might lawn chairs
And coffee now offer
Rich sharing of
Goodness and grace?
A change has been felt
Spite our blindness
And family ties
Faith will see glow.
And two men
Or so they will try
That God's kind of
Love might show.

(Best wishes to my friend/brother a couple of doors away.)


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