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Let's Understand This

The Lord was having dinner His departure close at hand And the format echoed Moses’ Tortured trek to Promised Land And the blood that worked Passover Now was in a cup Christ raised His a Life of selfless giving Coming ages thanked and praised. And a promise now so strangely To dear friends who scarcely knew That the Spirit’s help was coming More than meet to see life through. His a power of conviction Touching both the good and grim Citing sin and righteous victory Filling judgment to the brim. Yes to judge the Prince of Darkness Who has held sway o’er this place Jesus came and Jesus conquered Though it seemed all sad disgrace. Wicked men would raise Him cross-wise And would jeer at all He said But an empty tomb endorsed Life And brought ceaseless joy instead. Can you hear this? Prince of Darkness. And you thought this World was kind But it blinks at so much suffering That Love’s Gospel brings to mind. John 16: 8-11

Under Sovereign Skies

A New Blog:

Have you noticed a casualness in worship in this country? Oh yes people enjoy a sense of family in their gatherings. They long for relationship. Dress codes have loosened. A smile and a handshake are always waiting.

But the approach to God is too familiar. We come up with other names, comfortable names for Majesty and Sovereignty. Sermons attempt point-by-point to describe the indescribable One. The listener gets the impression that His always being on-call reduces Him to some sort of messenger boy or courier. Hold on folks!

We are talking about the All Mighty One, the Everlasting, the Un-created One, the Omnipotent and Omniscient One. He appreciates it if our approach is unvarnished, but not if overly casual/ disrespectful.

Sovereignty of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit creates a proper balance. This is addressed in our new blog "Under Sovereign Skies".

Under Sovereign Skies

That Name

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