Let's Understand This


The Lord was having dinner
His departure close at hand
And the format echoed Moses’
Tortured trek to Promised Land
And the blood that worked Passover
Now was in a cup Christ raised
His a Life of selfless giving
Coming ages thanked and praised.
And a promise now so strangely
To dear friends who scarcely knew
That the Spirit’s help was coming
More than meet to see life through.
His a power of conviction
Touching both the good and grim
Citing sin and righteous victory
Filling judgment to the brim.
Yes to judge the Prince of Darkness
Who has held sway o’er this place
Jesus came and Jesus conquered
Though it seemed all sad disgrace.
Wicked men would raise Him cross-wise
And would jeer at all He said
But an empty tomb endorsed Life
And brought ceaseless joy instead.
Can you hear this?
Prince of Darkness.
And you thought this World was kind
But it blinks at so much suffering
That Love’s Gospel brings to mind.
John 16: 8-11


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